05 full stereo upgrade

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I want to upgrade my head unit to the Pioneer DEH-x6600bs, it seems nice. I also want to replace the speakers in the doors with 6 1/2 or 6 which ever it is or a 6x9, I am also wanting to put two 12inch subs behind the seat and build boxes for them, their is not much room in the back, but more than my sisters little Tacoma. I was thinking of building two boxes and a storage rack like it has from the factory, any suggestions for speakers, subs, sub enclosure, and amp for sub and door speakers if its possible. I listen mostly to country and a little pop and rock. I don't have much money cause I recently wrecked my dads 2013 fouwheeler. But this is a "to do" list I geuss. Thanks for any suggestions.
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i put 6.5" infinity kappas in the door, love em sounds awesome
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