05 full stereo upgrade

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I want to upgrade my head unit to the Pioneer DEH-x6600bs, it seems nice. I also want to replace the speakers in the doors with 6 1/2 or 6 which ever it is or a 6x9, I am also wanting to put two 12inch subs behind the seat and build boxes for them, their is not much room in the back, but more than my sisters little Tacoma. I was thinking of building two boxes and a storage rack like it has from the factory, any suggestions for speakers, subs, sub enclosure, and amp for sub and door speakers if its possible. I listen mostly to country and a little pop and rock. I don't have much money cause I recently wrecked my dads 2013 fouwheeler. But this is a "to do" list I geuss. Thanks for any suggestions.
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two things...
is this a standard cab?
And what is your budget?
I have heard a few standard cabs with two 10's (type R's specifically) and they get really loud cause there is just enough airspace. I have also heard a few single 12" applications (I prefer this over two 10's, and it will cost less $$$) The single 12" will sound really nice and will produce enough bass in the small cab to make you want to jump out of the truck! It will help with your budget as well.
Also, for a little more $$, you can get into the Pioneer DEH-80PRS which is a great HU for the money..(just a thought)
You have a lot of options for amplification ranging from a single amp to power the entire system, to running a 2 channel amp and a mono amp for the subwoofer. Cost effectiveness would be to run one amp to power everything.....simple as well!
I would really look into running one really nice 12" subwoofer versus a pair.
Thank you for the Info, so wat would you recommend in the doors, and what kind of 12 inch sub and amp would you buy? And so 1 12 inch sub is better than 2 10s and it would be cheaper then 2 12s?
I think you should purchase a 6.5" component set for the front doors, and mount the tweeters where they sound best to you. Read a lot of reviews on different manufacturers and their different models and such...better yet, listen to them if possible,,,NOT ONLINE:doh:
Thousands of good subs out there. I like
Arc Audio
Image Dynamics
Illusion Audio
JL Audio
& others...
And no, I'd never say one 12" is better than two 10's
One 12" seemed a better path givin the application, budget...and can sound amazing

Picking speakers & amps & subs is the fun part...enjoy
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