06-08 4x4 fit 295/60/20 without rubbing?

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Depending on how the tax situation goes this year I'm pondering some Bilsteins and bigger tires for the Ram. I think I've settled on 295/60/20, maybe Trail Grapplers but probably Terra Grapplers because other than appearance I really don't need a mud tire. I have read until my eyes are bleeding. Seems like about 60% saying they will not fit without 1/4" spacers and 40% saying it's close but they will fit. Anyone with real-world, hands on knowledge on this? Thanks in advance.
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i currently have 285 on my 07 and it looks like i got about 1/4 inch of clearance to the top of the upper control arm
Had 285's on the 08 and they were at the limit. I think your asking for trouble
Thanks for the input. I'm leaning towards them not fitting without rubbing. I think if I do find the funds and go ahead with this I will just spring the $205 for the Motorsports Technologies hub/wheel centric spacers. That way I pretty much know I won't have any problems. Still open to info if anyone else has some experience with this size.
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