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In case their is anyone else on the search in the future...

For a 2006 SLT Quad Cab 2WD, I highly recommend the Daystar 1.5" leveling kit (spring spacers) (about $40) and Rancho RS5000 series shocks (($100 for the pair) specifically RS5281, finding that little detail was a pain).

With the shocks running inside of the front springs, installing the spacers was no small job. I was fortunate to have a couple of friends willing to help (one had a lift - HIGHLY recommend that). With a couple of really stuck nuts and a contrary tie-rod, it took the three of us three hours for the job. If you do this, be sure to have the front end aligned afterward.

Shock installation is not all that complex. If you don't change them with the level kit installation, they can be changed with the wheels on as it sits.

In my case the truck is exactly level as measured from the center of the wheel to the top of the wheel well.
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