06 4.7 code pp0068 and auto trans

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seems like a lot of good info on this forum so far. I have an 06 1500 with the 4.7L. I was having problems with the rpms jumping up and down while in park and found on here the throttle position sensor is the usual suspect. I replaced and problem went away for a while. Check engine like came back on a couple weeks after replacing the tps with code pp0068. found that is referring to the the map sensor, replaced it and light went away for about a day, then came back. Still get the pp0068 code when taken to OReilly to read the code. I haven't checked the wires or connectors, haven't cleaned the throttle body. Rpms are staying steady while in park, although I did see it jumping a little bit last week. Nothing so far this week. Any ideas on where to go from here?

side note - very intermittently the trans seems to get stuck in 3rd gear when coasting/coming to a stop off the highway. it will act very sluggish, so I keep the rpms down and manual downshift to 2 on the column and it will shift back to 1 or 2. have found on here that the shift and governor solenoid show this symptom. It will also feel like a bucking/shudder while cruising around 35-45mph as well. I have put it in tow/haul mode a few times and both trans problems seem to go away.(Calling Transengineer)

are these two problems related?
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Your trans (the 545RFE) does not have a governor solenoid, so that's not the issue. If it gets "stuck" in 3rd gear then either the PCM is commanding it to be in 3rd (so nothing is wrong with the trans), or it's in limp-in due to a trans fault (not the P0068). In limp-in, pulling it down manually to 2 or 1 will indeed still downshift the trans, so you may have a trans fault code also being set, although you should have found that when you had the codes checked. I suppose it's possible that the P0068 fault means the throttle position reading is screwed up enough to affect the transmission shifting. But if it's in 3rd gear at a dead stop, to me that would definitely indicate a trans fault code is set (or you lost the 12V power feed from trans relay to the trans).
so probably check the connection at the transmission? I think I saw on a previous post of yours the big connector can get crudded up sometimes. Do you happen to know what the oem part brand is for tps sensors of these trucks? I bought the oreilly house brand of tps sensor, wondering if that is part of the issue.
Well, I wouldn't necessarily suspect a wiring connector problem unless I first knew there was a trans fault being set, so first I would double-check the PCM faults and see if you have any trans codes there.

Sorry, I don't know who makes the OEM throttle position sensor.
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