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2006 Ram 3500 mega Cab Cummins
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First off, this problem is a nightmare! It all started with my truck not shutting off. I blew the ignition switch feed #22 fuse five times, it has constant power. Had to wire in a toggle switch. AC started blowing warm, fan clutch has been replaced three times in four years, radio works intermittently, batteries get drained if truck sits for a few days without starting, dash lights dim casing headlights to dim, transmission was not shifting from 1st to 2nd properly, had security system issues, keyless entry intermittent. ECM and PCM were replaced due to frying somehow, I installed a fan clutch and then the ECM and PCM were no good, that's where it all started.
Now the dodge dealer had a crack at the electrical issues, they replaced the fan clutch AGAIN, replaced a solenoid and a transducer: pressure sensor in the transmission. Said the TIPM tested fine, must have shorts in the problem areas.

Now I find that all these problems happing at once is no coincidence. I had another shop chase down all the known issues and he came to the conclusion the TIPM is at fault. The dealer wants around $1800 for the part and labor, but they are adamant it's not the TIPM.
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