06 w/Bilstein leveling Kit Need Help w/wheels and tires

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Hello everyone. I am installing Bilstein 5100's on the front and 1.5" blocks in the rear w/bilsteins this weekend. I was pondering the thaught of going to 17" wheels w/35's over the stock 20" wheels. I do not have a lot of knowledge in this area was looking for some advice...Keep the 20's or go to 17's. Also what are the best tire measurements for 17" wheels? Will i have to change gears if i go to the 35" etc. The truck is a daily driver, not looking to do serious off roading. Thank you in advance for all of your help. One last question...Is there a market for selling my stock 20's if I go to the 17's???
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All I have is a 2.5" ReadyLift leveling kit and my 35s fit fine and I don't have any problems. You will notice a little bit of loss in power but it's not a big difference at all. 17's with 35s are cheaper as compared to the cost of 20's with 35s. It really comes down to preference. Do you want more sidewall or less? I personally like the look of 18's and 35s.
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