07 4.7L Any Ideas?

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I have a Stock 4.7L. I am looking into doing a leveling kit with stock rims. What is the biggest tire I can go in an All terrain style? Also I want to do exhaust Intake and Chip any suggestions for my truck. I am on a budget. Just want a little more pep in my step for when I am hauling my boat.
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I'd definitely spend a few hundred on a superchips flashpaq. They have performance tunes which you notice a difference, and even tow tunes. You can adjust shift schedules for towing, etc...
Thanks I will look into that. What about Intake and exhaust any suggestions? im thinking about taking out the Cat and going straight pipes out the back
I'd leave the cats, they aren't very restrictive on newer vehicles. You can pick up a couple hp but it's really bad on the environment to run without them. Most of the stock exhaust is pretty good, the restrictive parts are the manifolds, the y pipe, and the muffler. So if you want to improve it then replace/upgrade those parts. I like airaid intakes. There are so many choices and they are all pretty similar really...
i had the same issue as you, i put a 2.5" leveling kit in it and love it! you can barely squeeze 35's in there but they might rub. Im pretty sure you have also a 3" exhaust pipe, so i just threw flowmaster 44's muffler on it and it is super loud but in a nice deep way. if you want dual out just get the dual outlets. If you hear back on a chip let me know cause im still at a loss!
exxzaust, both diablo and superchips make tuners for your truck. They are both good options, my opinion is the SC outperforms though. Another member on here said he switched from diablo to SC on his newer 4.7L and he said it seems quicker. I wish diablo would post hp/tq numbers...
For the tuner id definitely go with superchips flashpaq. run around 350$. good investment. I first bought the diablo trinity (600$) and ended up going with the flashpaq. Noticed a huge difference (In performance)

Intake- if your on a budget you could go with a K&N setup. Definitely also look into a Poweraid throttle body spacer. it gives it a nice whistle sound when your getting on the gas. Also completes the CAI system and give you full potential gain from that.

exhaust- if your looking to cut off your cats i assume you wanna be loud. Leave your cats and replace your muffler with a piece of pipe. Sounds wonderful with the CAI.
If you NEED a muffler the flowmaster 40's would sound nice. but id suggest the free flow muffler.

Heres how my exhaust sounds.
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Check out AutoAnything, I saved 150 bucks buying my CAI,Hypertech Max Energy,TB spacer or JC Whitney.
My next upgrades are exhaust, the inhale is great just need to exhale.
Pipes and Muffler
Thanks for the support. Superchips and DiabloSport are both great brands and combined with an exhaust and intake, you will notice more power!!
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