07 hemi needing a 2/4 drop

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I'm looking at dropping my truck with a 2/4 combo and was just wondering which kit works best with my 07 qc 4x4 slt.
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Ok, that's weird, and makes zero sense. I'm glad I spent the extra and got the GroundForce kit for mine; it's marketed as a kit for the 4x4 QC trucks, and fit was great.

Here's my QCSB 4x4 with a GF 2/4 kit:



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Only the McG's deluxe kit with drop spindles will work. The 4wd uses a coil-over and the 2wd uses a spring/shock setup. If you want to drop the front with springs then you have to use the GF kit. You can use the 2wd spindles but that puts a lot of stress on the inner CV joints and they can grenade pretty quick.
I drive my truck at speed, safely, typically on a private road or road course. Having a lifted 4wd with mud tires doesn't make for a stable ride. I can launch at the drag strip in 4wd and I have NEVER had traction issues with bad track prep or cold. I also live in an area that winter lasts 7 months of the year with ice, snow, and lots of wind to create drifts. I've had a 2wd out here and when it gets stuck in 2" of snow that's got ice under it, it's just plain embarrassing.

That's why I lower my street 4x4s. My work truck is a 4" lifted SuperDuty 6.7L, so I go both ways.
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