07 hemi needing a 2/4 drop

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I'm looking at dropping my truck with a 2/4 combo and was just wondering which kit works best with my 07 qc 4x4 slt.
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i have an 06 1500 QCSB 4x4 and went with Mchaughys 2/4.5 drop kit should be arriving this week and go on this weekend will post pics before and after. and i have 24's
These pictures are both before the lowering kit one with stock 20's and other with 24's i will post pictures for you when its lowered end of this week

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okay boys we have a problem got the McGhaughys kit in yesterday dropped my truck off today to get it installed and i get a call from my mechanic saying its the wrong kit! i ordered the 2/4.5" economy drop for a quadcab part #44015 and the coils are not even close! the proper kit is actaully labeled for a singlecab!?!? part#44016 ill ppst a pic showing the issue. currently dealing with customer service to get the rite parts such a pain in the ass i tell you what.

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talked to the supplier sounds like monday they will sent me out the rite coils to finish the job just a pain having to wait and take truck apart twice
Still waiting to hear what there going to do my rep. Was talking to Steve McGaughy owner of the company today if they don't do anything I'm going to get a full refund and order the groundforce kit
well bad new McHaughys has decided not to work with me and exchange the kit and do not offer a full refund for return so i now have payment dispute opened agianst them through my credit card and pay-pal. Good new is i ordered the groundforce kit off autoanything
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