07 hemi needing a 2/4 drop

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I'm looking at dropping my truck with a 2/4 combo and was just wondering which kit works best with my 07 qc 4x4 slt.
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This is an old thread, but the answer is a little different for everyone. I like the look of the lowered truck as well as having my wheels fill out my wheel wells. I also have made my truck more of a street truck so the lowered look goes with that too. Being that I live in NJ though we do get snow and I do need the ability to drive through it with the 4x4. I never go off roading other than parking on the lawn or gravel so I have no other need for it other than snow.

A big misconception is that everyone thinks if you get a 4x4 you go off roading and need to lift your truck to the moon.
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