08 6.7L Cummins electrical issue

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Hello, I have a 2008 ram 2500 6.7 cummins. This morning on the way to work the truck started sputtering and just shut off. I instantly turned the key back over and it fired up and died again. Tried to turn it back on again and it finally fired up and got me to work. After getting it started up the abs and brake light came on and the speedo quit working. Started looking up the fuses and sure enough fuse # 30 which is ABS, final drive control module and dynamics sensor was blown. So after realizing this I put a 15A fuse back in that location and sure enough the truck started sputtering and dying then just shut off. Why is this issue happening? How does the ABS fuse affect the way the motor runs? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!!
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