08 vs 07 hemi

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Well my friend just got a volant cai so he wanted to give me a run lmao

His truck is a 2007 hemi with a bullydog programmer, volant cai, and 18" magnaflow 4x4

Mine is a 2008 with just a 14" maggy :) 4x2

I have a pre race video but I couldn't race and record but.ill post. When I get home. Bottom line, I won by a truck and a half and we got up to 75
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That 4X4 weight will make up for his extra mods. I would EASILY put my 3.21 up against his truck! :)
lol yea i told him about his weight! and come on to houston haha
I'll be down eventually! One of my best friends is in San Ant. and I want to go to the track one night with the Houston trucks down there!
Hell yeah!! Make sure you hit me up!
I'll try to around March or April!!! Don't let me forget :)
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