09 RAM 1500 Lift Questions

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I purchased my truck a few months ago, low miles(7900) with a lift kit already installed(4" Pro Comp). My question is, have any of you experienced a front end rubbing or binding from hitting dips in the road? This is driving me crazy because there's no sign of tires rubbing or anything. What it feels like to me is that a brake is being applied to the wheel that hits the dip. If I hit some pretty good dips on the highway at high speeds it's really nerve racking. Have any of you experienced anything like this?:4-dontknow:

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I have a 09 with a 6" PC lift, when I hit a big bump my tires will sometimes rub or make a lil noise, nothing tho that feels like a brake being applied
Maybe it is the tire rubbing. But I cant see any eveidence of it rubbing in the fender well and it doesnt seem like the suspension compresses that far. Mine is a 09 as well. Do you still have the ESP hooked up?
If it's Pro Comp then it's a 6" lift. Pro Comp makes 2 lifts for our truck. They offer a 6" lift in stage 1 and stage 2. Is it coming from the front or the rear? Pro Comp had some issues with the rear arms coming loose. That would allow your rear axle to move when hitting dips or breaking. That will alsomake a knock sound as well.
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