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Hey Everyone,
So I've been on the site for a good while now but haven't posted in a very long time. Anyways I'm not sure who is all large into long travel trucks and prerunners on here but with there being very limited options for us ram guys who actually are into the long travel stuff.. I took it upon myself to design a rear trailing arm and link kit that works for the crew cabs and allows me to keep by backseat and frame. Although I will have to relocated the fuel tank with a cell into the spare tire location. It allows for up to a 3.0" coilover and a 3.5" bypass and will allow for up to 22-24" of travel. With the tire carrier in place have enough room underneath it install a large tool box and high lift jack, as well the carrier will be electric lift with 2-200lb actuators which are overkill but will allow for smooth and consistent operation

Here is the setup without the tire carrier

With Carrier up to allow access to toolbox and jackmount

Tire Carrier in closed position
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