1.7 rockers with my cam?

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hey guys, im in the process of putting my engine back together and am considering throwing in some harland sharp 1.7 rockers. The problem is, i dont know if I can get away with it because I have a mild cam for the truck.

heres the cam specs.

Lift .458 INT
.467 EXH

Duration 260/264

Overlap 55

Centerline 109

its mopar performance part number 5249549

I am also wondering if Ill need new valve springs with this setup?

the cam was given to me for free so I cant beat it. just looking o see if I can get a bit more while Im at it.

Thanks guys
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I am not sure :4-dontknow: You already have the lift with the cam, with the 1.7rr you will be lifting them more. Shorter push rods may work, BUT again bad idea. You can get 1.6 rr from HS also. I would really do some research on this before you install the cam and the 1.7rr. One thing I do know is that you can install the 1.7rr with the stock cam no prob, The 1.7s gives you lift and makes the computer see a bigger cam.
That's gonna put you at .486/.496 lift numbers. You can do it. You will definitely need better than stock springs. Pop for better locks and retainers too.
id be interested in buying that cam.. i have 1.7s on stock cam wrks great but im looking for mild cam to throw in my rig when i add the 3.92 gears m1 intake manafold and 2600 stall converter.
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