105mph governor! Really!

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Just got over 2000 miles on the truck and finally opened it up on the highway all the while riding the bumper of a "fast" Subaru! All of a sudden nothing! Shut down at 105mph! Does Dodge think we are driving golf carts for gods sake! First big negative:doh:
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^ok that makes much more sense.

BTW to everyone on here, if you REALLY want to go over the speed limiter, I'm pretty sure you can just hold the key fob in the "start" position and it bypasses the limiter. Not sure what happens like if you have to keep holding it, or if you let it go while going 120mph then the engine dies or what, but I've read this several times and some claimed they've done it. Supposedly this works to bypass all the computer "BS", and the starter does not try to engage either...
I know this works on the 6.0L powerstrokes. Been there done that. Now thats a sketchy situation, a lifted 1 ton at 100+ mph. :SHOCKED:
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