105mph governor! Really!

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Just got over 2000 miles on the truck and finally opened it up on the highway all the while riding the bumper of a "fast" Subaru! All of a sudden nothing! Shut down at 105mph! Does Dodge think we are driving golf carts for gods sake! First big negative:doh:
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Hey fat1,
Glad to see such a positive attitude toward Law Enforcement. IMHO Next time you or one of your loved ones need help why not try calling 1-800-Eat Sh*t instead of 911. If you got a problem with Law Enforcement-keep it to yourself!
How about everybody does the job they're paid to do regardless of how I feel about the "attitudes" of law enforcement. I am permitted to share my humble opinion so I will not keep it to myself. You are proving my point with your reply as though LEO commands some sort of respect just because they have a badge. It still has to be earned. Don't bother replying, I'm not a cop hater and you know as well as I do a lot of them that have the daddy complex.

For the others. I'm not saying I agree with, replicate, encourage or support this activity. I was simply pointing to the fact that any time someone mentions something that is "against the law" or "unsafe" people post by the dozens admonishing them, as if they are the dads of the internet. Nor was I singling any one of the replies out, it was a generalization.
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