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Yep... another organ-donor. (Explains why they don't transplant brains, heh?)
I would trust a trained emergency driver as ColJankowski says he is WAY more than I trust the 70-80+ year olds driving around HERE......poor eyesight, poor hearing, poor reaction time...or all three.....right turns from the left lane, doing 25 in a 55 etc etc. "I have been driving for 60 years! I am a great driver and its my right!"

The "organ donor" comment is a douchebag comment IMHO.

As an avid motorcyclist I have been called that myself for my choice to ride a bike.....

Well, folks smoke and drink yet those two choices contribute to many many accidents, deaths and disease every year and are 100% avoidable.

So before you name call, you should look inward and see if you are as good as you think others are bad.
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