11 Ram 1500 Hemi engine noise

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Hello i have a 2011 Ram hemi and for some reason the engine makes a lot of vavle train noise. Like the truck has sticky valves. I can really notice it when i going up a hill at 2-3K with 10% throttle next to a center devider like on a freeway on ramp. My truck has only 9,500 miles on it i always change my oil at 3,000 with mobil 1 5w20 every time. Dealer says it's ok but it sure does not sound good. What are your thoughts? :sad:
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Im going in today after work for a similar sound on my truck. its only got 150 miles but the sound doesn't seem right to me. Its running fantastic though. Ill post back if I get any reasonable response from them. .... Maybe Im just not used to the sound of this motor being used to a Duramax and a Honda v-6 :D
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