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Hey all,

Unfortunately (and fortunately) I’ve come to this forum via web search for the same notorious issue with the 14 Ram1500 EcoDiesel.

Bought the truck with 72k miles on it very well maintained. Used it as a daily driver now for almost 1.5 years with no real issues

Bought a travel trailer this past weekend to start towing around. It’s 7050 lbs, I’ve got the 2WD outdoorsman 3.55 Ram rated for 8100 lbs towing. Have the Reese hitch and stabilizer bars on there.

All in all it towed jusssstttt fine until....the low oil pressure light kept coming on when I’d slow down or come to a stop. Shut off vehicle all returned to normal for about 5-10 minutes. Even now without tow the issue continued.

got an oil change and added Lucas stabilizer to it. Took it straight to dodge, they called me and confirmed new ticking sound and oil pressure low indicator came one. Said well likely you’re gonna need a new engine, we’re checking for metal shavings in the oil pan tomorrow morning. It’ll be $20k. Luckily I bought the extended power train warranty and fall under it until late next year. I told the service tech I am well aware this is a design flaw and there’s numerous reports that confirm my suspicions.

so my question now for you who’ve dealt with this issue, when you got a new engine did the issues go away?

should I get a lemon lawyer and work on a buyback? I won’t feel safe towing my TT and having the engine seize up on me with my wife in the car no way.

thanks all,

glad to be here,

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