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Alrite guys, I figured it was time to start the build log for my new audio system.

I have thrown around a few ideas on the forum, one of which included 3 18" wooders and 7.5K+ watts. Sensability (read between the lines and see fiance) have made me realize it would be better to have at least part of my back seat for now and I settled on 2 15" DC Audio XL woofers and a DC Audio 5K amp.

IT will be build as a mini wall taking up the 70% of my 70/30 back seat. A Full list includes

Custom Mechman 320A alternator
1 XS Power D2700 battery under the hood (Group 27)
2 XW Power D3100 in a battery bank on the floor in the rear seat (Group 31)
XS power 2/0G for power wire. 5 runs total off the alternator. 1 to the underhood battery and 4 to the rear batteries
Shok Industries signal cable and 4G speaker wire
Shok Industries fuse blocks and distro bars on battery bank
Kenwood head unit
DC Audio 175.4 for components
2 sets RF T2652-S in each front door (I plan on glassing custom door panels for these)
Undecided set of sppeakers for rear fill (again probably RF though)
Second Skin sound deadener and luxury mat and shooting for 100% coverage

Along the way I will be covering the roof, a/b/c pillars and center consol arm rest in a dark dark grey suede to match the seats.

I plan to start wokring tomorrow with the alt and underhood battery and I plan on begin building the box Wed/Thur. Ill update this as I go. Im shooting to have the complete system dont end Feb/early March
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