18 inch monsters question.

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I'm sure everyone is sick of this question..will an 18x9 monster with 5.71 backspace fit on an 08 1500 with a 2.5 level with a 35x12.50? It's either those or 295/70/18,s. I don't want to run the -12 offset and have to put flares on it but im willing to run a 1/4 inch spacer if needed. Any help is appreciated.
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I've got an 06 with 2.5" level and 18x9 with 4.5" backspace -12mm offset and my 35x12.50's come close but do clear any rubbing. So the 5.71" backspace would rub from what I see. Here's a picture of my Dodge for reference.
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Here's some pics of them


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