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Today we went to the O'Reilly's to get a replacement bulb for our rear left blinker.

After we got there and undid the light covers we checked all of our lights again just to make sure, and lo and behold everything was working again, though the light we were wanting to replace was rather dim.

Then everything went haywire.

The reverse lights completely stopped working, both blinkers would turn on when either signal was engaged, and the reverse beeper would begin to sound whenever we stepped on the brakes.

finally, the van wouldn't start and the interior lights stopped working.

We checked the battery, found out it was fine, and scrubbed the hell out of the battery connection points.

the van started, but since no-one was gassing it it promptly died, and again the interior lights went out.

We scrubbed the connection points again, and the van started right up. We drove it to where we're staying and just for shits and giggles we checked our lights again.

Everything is working perfectly.

I can't help but think this is a disaster waiting to happen. We have to drive over a thousand miles this next week to get back to western Washington and our schedule doesn't really allow for days spent battling our wiring on the side of the highway.

Could all of our weird issues be caused just by the battery connections being wonky? Could scrubbing them have actually fixed us up right? Would replacing the battery cables work? what else should we check?

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Check the other ends of the battery cables and see if they're clean and tight. Loose grounds can cause all manners of hell with an electrical system.
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