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So I have decided to replace my exhaust on the Ram. I don't know all that much about exhaust systems and have been trying to do a little research on it but info seems to be conflicting and scattered. If people can offer up some advice, point out problems or let me know what I'm missing that would be great.

I was looking into getting a long set of headers but have only found 1 company that makes them, Pacesetter: I've used Pacesetter in the past and had ok results. My question is, is it really worth it to go with the long type over the shorty types offered by many other companies?

I was also looking into a Magnaflow Cat due to mine being on it's last leg. My truck came from CA so it has that CARB emissions crap going on so I probably have to stick with a CA legal one to avoid any codes. (I live in PA now). Anyone have any exp replacing a cat on a CA truck with a non CARB cat?

Finally I was looking at Flowmaster's Force II Cat-back exhaust system: I don't want something much louder than the stock and do not not want to drawl too much unwanted attention while driving normally to work and back, etc. Once again anyone have and exp with this system?

Thanks in advance for your help and feedback
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