2 Inch torsion key and 2 inch block?

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I have an 04 Ram and I want to lift it. THe shop i went to gave me a option of putting torsion keys in the front and 2 inch blocks in the back. Is this a good way to get a small lift in my truck? or is it even safe for the truck?
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Add-a-leafs are nice but a pain in the ass to install. Blocks simply go under your rear springs and call it good after installing new and longer u-bolts.

Like many have said axle wrap is common if you are actually wheeling the truck but if it is mostly a street queen then you'll be fine with blocks.

Pulling the leafs apart is a pain because you have to clamp the crap out of it and then be able to slowly release the spring pack to install the new add-a-leafs and then put it back together. Would be much easier with a compressor but by hand it's just stupid. Ask me how I know :Wow1:

I've wheeled lots of rigs with blocks in the back and if you stay under 3" in the rear you'll be fine. I never had issues with any of my cherokees/broncos/silverados etc with blocks and real four wheeling.
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