2 Inch torsion key and 2 inch block?

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I have an 04 Ram and I want to lift it. THe shop i went to gave me a option of putting torsion keys in the front and 2 inch blocks in the back. Is this a good way to get a small lift in my truck? or is it even safe for the truck?
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You do not want to go any higher then 2 - 2.5" or else you will have a crappy ride. The higher you crank them the worse the ride will get. If you stay lower then the 2.5 you will be fine, it should be like the factory ride. I had a buddy with a Chevy and he cranked the bars up front like 3" or something and it was BAD haha.

I would suggest going with a block if you want to raise the rear. It is much easier to do and it will be more reliable. If you add a leaf to the rear you will make the ride stiffer and it will feel like a HD truck. With the block you literally place it between the leafs and the axle. It is only 4 bolts on each side. With the add a leaf you will have to take the leafs off and....etc. It will cost uch more to get it installed. Also if you want to make the truck level or not too much rake you should go with like a 1" block in the rear. If you go with a 2" block and raise the front 2" the truck will sit just like it does not just 2" taller. I know most people want to have the truck level and not rake. If you go with a 1" rear only in the rear it will be a slight rake and if you ever have to tow with the truck you have that room to sag a bit. Keep in mind when doing all of this, the more you lift the rear you will end up lifting the front. So if you raise the rear 2" you might get .25" more up front (that just guessing).

I do not see how the add a leaf is more reliable. The rear block is literally a block that is made of steel haha. The add a leaf would be less reliable since it can sag after years and years. I think the block is more reliable and it is cheaper and easier to install. I have both in my truck, I went with the block first and my Fabtech lift kit came with the add a leaf. I would say put the block first since it is cheaper and easier. Also you do not want to lift the rear too much since you are only leveling the truck. You do not want to be really cheap and start lifting the truck like this. You will have such a shit ride you will regret it. Also probably start breaking stuff and spend more in repairs then you would have if you got a lift kit. Keep the front around 2 - 2.5" and the rear around 1.5" to get a nice almost level not too much rake look haha
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