2 problems....

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Mods, sorry if this is the wrong spot, I'm unsure where this is to go...

I have two problems

1 - I noticed there is a hose dangling underneath the truck today. I looked and it looks like it's unplugged from somewhere, but I couldn't see where. I've attached a pic to show which hose it is. It was taken from the rear looking forward.

2 - every time I start the truck up after it sites for a few min, there is a loud banging noise coming from the passenger side, in the dash area. It can be heard outside to, but it's louder inside the cab. It bangs about 3 times, stops for 3 seconds, bangs 10 times or so, stops for 3 seconds, and bangs again for 10 time or so, then stops... it's not the heater fan, as I have it off. Any ideas?



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Problem 1 - That is the rear axle vent hose. It is not supposed to be plugged into anything, other then what it's plugged into now, but it is supposed to be clipped up, not hanging down.

Problem 2 - Sounds like a blend door motor has a problem. If it's under warranty, get the dealer to take care of this. If not, you can check out this thread for ideas -
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