2001 5.9 coolant in oil

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I have a 2001 dodge ram 5.9 with 170,000 miles, about 3 weeks ago I changed the timing gears and chain and replaced the harmonic balancer, I've been losing coolant since then and this morning I checked the oil level and it looked like chocolate milk and the level is slightly above the upper safe line on the dip stick. I was wondering if I messed up putting the new timing cover gasket on and now coolant is getting into the oil? There's no knocking or white smoke, it hasn't lost power or perfomance, and there's no external coolant leaks, head gasket or the timing chain gasket?

Thanks for any input.
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I agree, sounds like coolant from a bad seal at the timing cover. Crap job to have to do again. I just did one on mine. Was the timing cover surface clean and not pitted around the water holes? Mine was corroded and I had to re-build it with JB Weld, then sand it flat. I also used a smear of sealant around the water passages in addition to the gasket. Not a bead, just a smear with the finger.
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