2001 Dodge Ram 1500 New Radio Installation

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Ok, for Christmas my wife bought me a Sumas SM-30BT Radio for my 2001 Ram 1500 Extended Cab. I pulled the dash off, unbolted the STOCK am/fm cassette radio... Pulled the (2) wiring harness's off the back of the STOCK radio. Pulled out the new Radio and Harness... Hmmmmmmmmm

I am assuming that there is a "y" harness adapter made or I need to figure out what the wires are going to on the factory wiring harness?

Here is the link to the Wiring Codes for the NEW Radio, (direct link to pdf document is below this):

Power Wires
Yellow – Battery - Connects to the battery (+) for constant power. This is for memory
Red – Ignition - connects to the ignition switch (accessory) wire. This will turn the radio on/off.
Black – Ground - connects to ground wire (car chassis)
Blue – Power Antenna - connects to the power antenna wire
Pink – Amp - connects to the amp remote of an amplifier
Orange – Illumination – connects to the backlight/illumination wire.
Brown – Rear cam – connects to the reverse light (+) when rear view is used.
Gray – Brake - connects to the hand brake wire
Speaker Wires
White – connects to the (+) of the front left speaker.
White/black – connects to the (-) of the front left speaker
Gray – connects to the (+) of the right front speaker
Gray/black – connects to the (-) of the right front speaker
Green – connects to the (+) of the rear left speaker
Green/black – connects to the (-) of the rear left speaker
Purple – connects to the (+) of the rear right speaker
Purple/black – connects to the (-) of the rear right speaker
RCA Cables/Connectors
AUX RCA input – Audio (Red – right channel, white – left channel) Video – Yellow
Rear Camera RCA input - Yellow
RCA Output – Audio (Red – right channel, white – left channel) Video – Yellow
Subwoofer – Brown – connects to the amplifier of a subwoofer. For dual channel please purchase a “Y” RCA adapter

Any help would be great.

Thanks all,

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I am doing the same for my son 01 SLT. You will need a radio dash mount adapter also. I would think.
I also got the harnes adapter from Best Buy, it was two harness adapters that just plugged into the truck harness. Is there a good place to find out the truck harness wire diagram for the speakers, what colors are what, etc, for the front and back speakers? I have found two sites with the info but they are a little conflicting so coming here to the RAM guys and see if anyone here has a link to the truck harness for the radio wire for the speakers.
I did a search here and did not come up with anything other then this thread.

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This link worked for me. Mind you my trucks radio appeared to the be the base unit, cassette was all it had. I got a harness adapter kit that came with two adapters for each one that came off the radio. The colors on the adapters DID NOT match those of the truck harness. So I had to make sure I followed the colors into the adapters to match the radio wires.
Side note, the front door speakers in my 01 were 6x9 and you may want to measure the depth for the new ones as I bought some kicker brand 6x9 that did not fit, the magnet would hit the window track, not enough room.
Door panel has yellow push in thingys that go into the door. Make like easy and go buy the tool for removing door panel clips.

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01 SLT Ram Radio install

Well, I did find (at VIP) the dodge ram harness adapter... made things easy! Just had to match wires on adapter(s) *two of them* But the wires were tagged and coded on the harness for the NEW radio and the wires on the Adapter Harness's were coded (written) on with what they went to, used some soderless connector and connected the adapter to the new radio harness.

The only part that I have left is there is ONE BLACK GROUND wire left over on the NEW radio harness! I assume I just ground it to something?

AND there is another wire that needs to be connected to the emergency brake switch. This prevents me from watching videos on the screen while driving!! LOL

Thanks for the input! Any thoughts on the extra ground??


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Radio Install Complete~

Found the ground wire from the original stereo install. It was a seperate (heavier gauge wire) that ran to the battery negative terminal. Took some creeping and crawling and a step ladder (have 5" lift on truck)~!! LOL

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Constant 12V+ Red
Switched 12V+ Red/White
Ground n/a
Dimmer Orange/White
Antenna Trigger Yellow
Front Speakers 6" x 9"
Doors Left Front (+)Dark Green
Left Front (-)Brown/Red
Right Front (+)Purple
Right Front (-)Dark Blue/Red
Rear Speakers 5 1/4"
left Rear (+)Brown/Yellow
Left Rear (-)Brown/Light Blue
Right Rear (+)Dark Blue/White
Right Rear (-)Dark Blue/Orange

or go to any car audio store and for $10-20 you can buy a harness that splices into the aftermarket radio harness and plugs into the trucks factory harness
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