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Ok, short version. Motor is blown in truck. Want to put new motor in. All used motors with 16tooth tone wheel have a boat load of miles. I didn't want to spend the coin for a reman 4.7 n vin because they are so weak. I found a reman 4.7 H.O with 16 tooth tone wheel for 200 more than the 4.7 n vin.

So I have researched my ass off and I am still coming up with two questions on this swap. 1st and foremost, will my stock PCM run the 4.7 H.O once I swap on the H.O manifold, a larger throttle body, cai, and a set of headers? Secondly what is the solution with the dual knock sensors since the n vin didn't have them?

Maybe one or two more questions! Lol! I am aware that it will need a tune done to run at full capacity but will the stock tune be enough to get it on the road and running decently till I can get a tune done and will the stock PCM be able to be tuned for the H.O plus mods, or will I need the H.O PCM then tune from there?

Thanks for any and all info and support

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