2002 Electrical issues

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We own a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L (gas, not diesel) and we've had issues with this truck almost since the git-go. Initially when we bought it the dealership did not have inspection done, I had to take it in myself, but they did pay for it. Then we needed the sparkplug wires replaced and rather then them having their mechanic replace them, the owner gave us cash to purchase them ourselves. (unprofessional I might add)
We've already replaced the radiator, fuel pump, wheel bearing/hub assembly, among other things. About 6 months ago the horn stopped working, now all of a sudden we're having all kinds of electrical issues:
1. brake lights and headlights stay on when truck is running
2. wipers, horn, blinkers, fog lights do not work at all
3. when truck is off and key removed from ignition the stereo clock stays on.
the cargo brake light works correctly and we've replaced the brake light panel and bulbs, so that is not the cause of brake light issue. We've even gone as far as disconnecting the headlight wires and when truck is running, they still stay on.

we've checked fuses, replaced ignition switch, taken automatic starter out (not factory-was there when we purchased the truck), we've had several mechanics look at it and all say they have NO IDEA what's wrong with it and make suggestions, but we don't have all the money in the world to keep going off suggestions. My fiance currently works in TX, while our 13 month old and I live in LA. He's a pipeliner and can't even be an equipment operator because he has to have a reliable, legal running truck. He can't come home but maybe once every other month because we're spending so much trying to fix the truck and because its unsafe to drive.
He recently found out that 5 out of 6 of the coils on the battery (i think he said coils) are burnt out, he replaced the battery and it didn't solve anything. Please help, we're desperate. I've heard of many lawsuits filed against Dodge. We've done a carfax report on the truck and no major accidents, just normal maintenance.
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Not really, but only because we were desperate for something more reliable at the time and our credit wasn't all that great so we had to settle for paying around 12k on it. We only owe about 5k right now so we don't wanna junk it if we don't have to. I know my fiance is getting really frustrated with all the issues we're having. We know as of now that we have to have the transmission rebuilt, but we just can't figure out the electrical issues.
We bought it with around 150k miles on it and have had it since Sept of 2010. It now has around 180k miles on it.
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