2002 Ram PCM has burned out

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The PCM in my 02 Ram with 4.7 liter engine has suddenly fried. My mechanic says the cam shaft position sensor is bad and may have caused the PCM to fry. Anyone else had this problem? Just wondering whether to throw money into this truck to fix this problem. Also one of the wiring harness connectors to the PCM melted and will have to be replaced. Total cost I'm looking at is around $1500 and the mechanic says he cannot guarntee the new PCM will not fry. I've no problems up to this point with this truck. The truck has 103,000 miles on it.
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If you have a stick shift, don't try to buy another PCM from a PCM remanufacturer/reconditioner
They only have units that work with automatic transmissions
My buddy found out the hard way, he had a stick shift & all they sent him were for an automatic & the Ram just barely ran & threw so many codes that it would shut itself down.
He finally gave up & sold the truck for scrap

I think he should have kept it & gone retro
he had a stick shift, no computer controls for it
they made 318 cu in engines before there were computers, (i believe)
It didn't have to pass smog, because of cost boundaries set by the EPA
He could have put on the old type intake with a carburetor
Then he could have driven it forever
It had 500,000 miles on it

Good Luck on your decision
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Thanks, I have an automatic

I have a 02 Ram 1500 2WD with automatic tranny. The mechanic I have working on my problem used to work at a Chysler Dealership so I believe he knows what he's doing. I'll just wait for further word from him.

Thanks for the reply
Sorry to hear the bad news. It's always tough to make the decision with that many miles and that high of a price tag.

Unfortunately, you are up sh*ts creek. I personally would have it fixed and then trade it in for a newer ram before it had a chance to break again.

Good Luck with your decision.
Maybe an isolated case of bad luck

I'm glad apparently no one else has had this problem (streak of bad luck). Maybe this is just a case of bad luck and my old Ram will keep on keepin' on for a few more years. I don't use it much and keep it around the house for when I need a truck. I have had an update from my mechanic. One of my coil packers blew up when the cam position sensor went (the mechanic says he has heard of that happening before but not the PCM getting fried too) and one other coil pack was damaged. The mechanic now reccomends replacing all 8 coil packs and spark plugs. The new PCM and sensor have been installed and the truck started but had a miss because of the coil packs. Good news is the new PCM did not fry on startup. He seems to think the old '02 Ram will be good as new after the $2000 worth of work. I just can't figure what caused this sudden problem. The 4.7 engine always purred like a kitten.
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