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Hello all,

I have been upgrading my 2002 ram 1500's audio system, and have successfully installed a subwoofer, new rear speakers, and new front speakers. (and am working on the tweeters). Unfortunately as you may know, infinity decided to put a crossover in the system where the front speaker play only bass. I wired straight from the radio to inside of the car just before the door and body meet, so that I don't have to go to the trouble of wiring through the door. My front right speaker sounds awesome, but once I wired my left front speaker, it worked for a day and then stopped. Now, I take the door panel off, take the speaker out and put it back, and it works until the next morning, which seems very odd. I am wondering what I should do about this, considering I just found the matching wires under the dash (driver side) and spliced them in, unsure of it being the right spot or not, because the emergency brake is covering up directly where the wires come in from the door. Suggestions?
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