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I have a 2003 RAM 1500 5.7L that had a severely rusted bed (shocker, I know) so I replaced the factory box with a wooden flat bed. I added a set of trailer lights to replace the factory brake/signal/backup lights - which work fine.

The issue is that every time I touch the brake or use a turn signal, the truck thinks a bulb is blown - they aren't.. everything works... and the lamp out light comes on on the dash and the annoying chime sounds.

Anyone know I can fix this issue?? I am wondering if the bulbs in the trailer light kit have less resistance than the bulbs in the factory fixtures, so the truck may think the bulb is blown when it isn't in reality... if this is the case, perhaps i could wire a resister in series with the bulb to "spoof" the computer?

If I could locate the chime, i wouldn't mind disabling it altogether...

I appreciate any help!
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