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Thankfully I bought a warranty.

Changed Rear Diff (Royal Purple)
Mobile One Full Syn and KN filter
New plugs (NGK Vpower)
Heads both cleaned up and both head gaskets changed
Throttle body cleaned
Colant flushed
Header boltss changed to Stainless steel (Hardened)

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not fun. sorry for the "loss" hope its fixed and much better now!

Well, now the whole rear end had to be replaced. I talked the warranty company into putting a Jasper unit in it. ($2100)

So at 78864 miles

Both heads hot dipped and machined
Valve Job
Header bolts (Just because)
Both Head Gaskets
Entire rear end replaces with a Jasper 9.25 LSD (3Yr, 100K warranty) parts, labor and rental.
New Thermostat
New Plugs
Changed oil to Mobile 1 Full Synthetic
Filled new Rear End with Royal Purple
KN Oil Filter
Air Filter

Now left to do"

Tranny fluid and filter (Amsoil)
Transfer Case
Front Diff

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Don't forget to do your power steering while you have all that ATF+4 laying around. You should really go with the mopar trans filters. A lot of people have issues with the aftermarket ones. Be sure to get both filters and buy a gasket puller for the seal over the flat filter. It needs to be replaced every time you change filters and must be seated correctly. I use a deep socket to tap the new one into place.
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