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got a 2004.5 3500 cummins 6spd man.
driving down the road, chime goes off. after 2-3 time of that the cluster resets and the engine stalls.
no buss on rare occasions
had head lights turn on by them selves on rare occasions
had wipers turn on on rare occasions
I installed an external voltage regulator
I've checked every wire on every harness connection i could get my hands on
repaired wires on both rear doors and checked both front doors.
pull the fuse box and fcm checking all connections fuses relays along with gauge cluster. trailer harness and lights added new body and frame gnds front to rear.
as far as codes go, fix one get one.right now
p581 c code 64 c code AD
p2607 c code 68 c code AE
p107 c code A4
p73 c code AC
door locks work with key out only, truck stalls 2-3 a day map n air temp check out good.... 4 weeks no dash or door panels driving to work looking online and digging through wires.. don't know
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