2005 Transmission Service Interval

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I've gotten conflicting inofrmation on servicing my 2005 Ram 1500 ST 4.7L automatic transmission, which is correct?
Service it at 100,000 miles as it's a sealed unit and thats the interval?
Don't do a power flush as it will stir up crud?
Overfilling it will be a big problem.
And, the first start of the day a very slight clunk is normal as it needs to fill up with fluid.
I have 65,000 on it now with zero issues , bought the truck used so don't know if it has been serviced before.
When it's due I will go to a Dodge dealer only for service, do i need a flush or just a fluid and filter change.
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I'm not sure about 05, but in my 02 the manual says every 30,000 miles for transmission and differential service. I think later it changed to fluid drain and refill at 30,000 and filter change (there are 2 filters inside, a pan filter and a spin on for the cooler) at 60,000. I just split the difference in my 2002 and change the filters and fluid at 50,000 intervals.

I wouldn't do a power flush for the fact that it does nothing for the filters and magnet on the bottom of the pan. Im sure a fair amount of crud would be loosened up and re-circulated through out the system as well.

Overfilling it will indeed be a problem, as well as it being under filled.

The only time Ive ever felt a slight clunk in mine was when my u joints were bad. A few years back some of the spin on filters had a defect where they would allow the fluid to drain back into the pan overnight. This would cause an issue when the truck was first driven in the morning, if not let run long enough for the torque converter to refill, it would feel under powered and sometimes die when slowing down. This has since been corrected.

If you are now at 65,000 and not sure of the trucks history, you would do good to go ahead and have the pan dropped and filters changed. Again, my advise is against a flush.

Good luck, and I hope everything works out for you.

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The trans service intervals have kind of evolved over time. For your truck, the official recommendation (see your owner's manual) was to change the fluid and the main sump filter at 60K miles, and change the fluid and both filters (main sump and spin-on cooler return filter) at 120K miles, if you fit the "schedule B" characteristics (trailer towing, snow plowing, heavy loading, stop and go driving, driving in sustained hot or cold temps, driving in dusty conditions, frequent short trips, etc.). For schedule "A" there was no fluid change recommendation.

Now, we recommend changing the fluid and both filters at 60K miles (if you frequently tow trailers, or use the truck for police, fleet, taxi, etc.) or 120K miles for everyone else.

So take your pick. But overall, changing the fluid and filters every 60K miles is probably best.
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