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2 things->
1)> DEATH WOBBLE. not a mild shimmy. An all out, 3 coupon ride that seems to last for an eternity the first time you get one. Believe me. Its a shocker. If you are questioning IF you had one.... you probably didn't. (Mine turned out to be a blown Steering Damper.... '07 Dodge Ram 1500 Mega w gas guzzling Hemi :D )

2)> Tires may have been balanced.... but who knows how well and to what standard?
Try a "ROAD FORCE BALANCE" The machine does all of the work and gives you a much more accurate picture in terms of whether or not the tire is the problem, the rim is the problem etc.... It can also tell you, with the help of a trained technician, Which position the wheel should ride on the truck to maximize cabin comfort. It costs more to have done.... But I had it done once.... I'll always have it done this way now...
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