2007 hi-beam headlights crap

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Hello, just newb'd in and was wondering what to do about my headlights. I had a Magnum and the headlights were good, I also have a Challenger and have no complaints about those. On my 2007 TRoad, I feel the low-beams with the fogs on are good, but my HI's suck. It seems there is no focus with the pattern. I am over 60, and can't see as well at night, but i feel that's not the problem, as I can see well enough with the cars. Any suggestions?
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you could do an HID upgrade. that should give you plenty of light to see the road at night. as far as what type to get i have no idea because i dont have that model.

or you could get new headlights all together. like these projector headlights at
they have some sweet looking headlights. and projectors last forever and are super bright. i want to get some of their headlights so i can have the awesome style and brightness that they give off.

or you could try halogen bulbs.

i have Spyder fog lights that i use on both the high beam and low beam. they are aftermarket, but they do come with the connector to plug and play with the factory harness. they are awesome
thats what they make for your truck.
they also make custom headlights for your truck, but they only give you one style in chrome or black.

so, if you are looking just for brightness, you might want to go with the HID kit or halogen (HIDs will be much brighter than halogen). if you want style and brightness, then you could get custom headlights.
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