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Hey guys, I haven't posted much but I wanted to share something with you that I had some difficulty finding solutions for online.

On the 2007 Ram, the A/C condensor fan may quit working unexpectedly. In my case, when I looked online to find a fix, everyone said "change the fan". Well I fixed mine (possibly temporarily). In my case, I noticed that when I would put downward or sideways pressure on the connector at the fan, it would turn on and run. I initially thought it was a bad electrical connection at the connector, but after messing with the terminals and ensuring that connection was solid, I determined that it was a little deeper than that.

Step 1. Remove the fan assembly. There are 2 long bolts on top, and 4 along the side of the plastic fan assembly that attaches it to the A/C condensor.

Step 2. Snip or cut off whatever plastic you need to, in able to remove the fan without having to disconnect the a/c lines from the condenser. You're going to have to remove some plastic around the top a/c line, and a bunch of plastic along the bottom. You'll have to hack and mess with it quite a bit to get the clearance necessary to remove the entire assembly.

Step 3. Remove the fan blade assembly from the motor. The nut is reverse threaded.

Step 4. Remove the 3 screws attaching the motor to the plastic shroud.

Step 5. There should be two cutouts on the motor so that you can see the brushes that apply electrical power to the rotor inside the motor assembly. If you wiggle the electrical connector, you should be able to see the brushes move away from and toward the rotor. I didn't take pics, but if you understand electric motors it shouldn't be hard to figure out what I'm talking about.

Step 6. Stick a wooden dowel that is small enough to fit in the slots and push the brush toward the center of the motor so that it makes good contact. To test, plug the motor up to the truck and turn on the a/c. The motor should spin fast. If not, play with the connector and the brushes until you can get them to work. The metal holding the brushes is very soft and should bend easily. The brushes are just made of woven copper wire so too much bending shouldn't hurt anything.

Step 7. Reassemble in reverse order.

If I have to do this again I'll take pics. I can also draw pictures if you need further clarification. This repair costs nothing, there are no additional parts needed.
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