2009 Ram 1500 Aftermarket JVC Radio Install

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I recently purchased a JVC AVX840 head unit for my 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. It has no special gadgets to speak of. The radio controls the speakers and that is about it. I installed the aftermarket radio listed above. When I slow to 5-10 mph the radio shuts off and comes back on. Once I increase speed above this 5-10 range the radio comes back on and works fine on the interstate/highway. When I get into the city its a whole different story, because of the stop lights. When I get into a parking lot and sit there for a minute or so the radio will come back on and stay on working fine. I am really confused about this issue. I followed every instruction line by line. I am familiar with electronics / electricity. I used a green lee multi meter and tested all voltages / amperage to the radio. I checked the battery and the alternator. I am using a Axxess wiring harness with the interface module. I am not really sure why I need the interface module because I do not have steering wheel controls. The only thing I can figure is that the ACC amperage dips below what the radio recognizes in that 0-5mph to 10mph speed range and the radio shuts off because it doesn't detect ACC amperage. Anyway, please help. I have trouble shot this to death. Yes I checked the fuses, yes I hooked the radio up to the battery to check that it was not the radio, yes the wires have been checked and rechecked and are not touching, yes it is grounded perfectly. One other thing. The automatic lights do not work anymore.
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Sounds like you have er cased pretty good. The only possibility i can think of is with my truck and the nav is as soon as you get above 5-10kmph it locks the gps so you can not change it. but when you slow down to a near stop it allows you to edit the gps. Maybe there is something to do with that wire that picks up your speed to lock the gps is also the wire in your situation that is shutting down your stereo. sort of doing the opposite. I do alot of stereo wiring aswell and it sounds like you have done it all. This is sort of just a shot in the dark since the speeds are the same.

I don't think its Alternator dropping amps because you say it comes on after you sit a bit at an idle. What about hooking up your constant power from a different source other then the factory location. You said you hooked it directly to the battery.... what was the results? Did it still shut off?

Maybe it is actually the radio with the issue and not the truck.

Good luck.
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