2009 ram 1500 hvac issue

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my mom recently got a 2009 ram 1500 and the 3 hvac knobs for the manual hvac control do not work. the only thing that works is the fan speed. the lights on the knobs don't work the buttons don't he knobs don't work the temp select doesn't work and the air direction knob doesn't work. we checked for the recall and the local dealer said the recall for it has been performed already with a previous owner and they wont do it again for us so what should I do or does anyone have a post I should read. currently it is stuck in heat and defrost .
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Check plug/receptacle is fully engaged into the back of the HVAC unit from BCM wiring harness, verify wiring with multimeter.
Ok I was thinking check the connector with voltmeter and maybe check the knobs with a continuity test
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Not sure if any direct fuse would cause your symptoms, the HVAC and blower are probably independent circuits.
my moms truck (2009 ram 1500) has this issue and we asked the dealer about it, they said the recall was already done on it by the first owner. but the issue came back does anyone know if there is a way to fix this personally or something to contact to get the recall done again since it didn't work the first time. currently we are unhooking the battery and letting it sit for a few minutes then hooking it back up and it works for a week or two and sometimes even a few days then starts failing again.
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