2010 leveling kit install

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Hello..Im fairly mechanically inclined but I was wondering how difficult it is to install a leveling kit on a 2010 ram 4x4. I am looking at the Hell Bent Steel strut spacer leveling kit. Thanks.
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I installed a roughcountry 2.5/1.75 kit in my 2012 and took me about 2 hours to do. The first one is the hardest just not knowing the best way of attacking it. But granted it was a brand new truck when I put it in everything unbolted very easily. My suggestion when doing the front is just to unbolt the upper A arms completely from the frame and take the brake calipers off, plus the sway bar end links. That will give you enough downward movement to get the strut and spacer back in. If you go with a kit with the rear lift just get a spring compressor. The rear took about a half hour to do. the rcx kit I bought was only $130
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