2011-2012 tuning...lets bitch!!

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How bout we start sending this guy some complaints...'ve been seriously kicking around the idea of 2012 charger srt8 but I'm not buying another vehicle that can't be tuned. Come on CJD, if you want people to buy your performance vehicles then your gonna have to make them tuneable like the gm and ford's. Anyone got any ideas on where to start sending the complaints?
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First, I must confess to always being a Ford man. When it came time to buy a new truck, I was amazed at how nice the Rams were. Without doing any research (my own damn fault) I bought a 2011 RCSB 4x4. I must say that I absolutely love the truck, but....... This total lack of tunability (?) is making me wish I had bought a Ford. I am surrounded by Duramax's (Chipped) and Tundra's (5.9L) and can't run with them. Doesn't Dodge realize that there is no room in the performance truck market for second place??? :smiledown:
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