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if this ecu is actually coming from mopar. it will be pretty pricey. but it would be nice to keep factory warranty. cause it is mopar and they have to support there own performance parts. bring it on. it better be worth it. " if this is true"
This is true! Every bit of it :p

Me personally it still does not matter. I only have ever used custom tunes. The first tuner I got was for a 2009 Charger 5.7. A worker I employ and I have a little project car we bought with 70k miles on the ODO we just wanted to make a track car out of etc. Anyways the first tuner was for canned tunes and generic use. All the same no matter what car you put it on. When I sent in a tuner to get it "custom" tuned to the cam we were running along with headers, intake, and exhaust etc etc. We got a pretty big difference in QM times. It gave us almost .350 time difference. Just because the tune was based around what mods we had done at the time. I would love to have that for my truck... I guess anything is better than nothing however? :sad:

Good news to hear though! I can see from being a business man myself why they are going about it like this! Makes them more money and also takes away from all the hassle of warranty issues etc. So I do not ever bag on Mopar, or anything pertaining to them for it, but as most say... I payed the 30k cash for my truck in full, and I would love to do whatever the EFF I want to do to the dang thing.

1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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