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I know this is a late post, and it has been beat to death, but COME ON!!

390hp, 407ftlb. Great looks. This is what sold me on this freakin truck, but then I cant even chirp the tires! WHAT......THE.......F$&#!!!!!

The torque management is way overkill, so do I actually have a 390hp truck, NO I DO NOT, FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!! How is it a 390hp truck when the computer kills the power down so much, that I cannot even chirp the tires!?

Ten years ago, I bought vehicles with 250hp and so on, and I could do smokey burnouts, doughnuts in the parking lots, and kick the tail out on long sweeping corners!, The whole reason you buy a muscle car!!!!!!

Now there are reasons they super encrypted the computer,........... so we can't mess with it PERIOD! who is to say that they will ever come out with a tuner. There are a lot of vehicles that suffer from not being popular enough, that they get no performance parts, great for A to B drivers, but WE do not buy those vehicles for those reasons, this is why mustangs, camaros, and challengers sell. FOR GODS SAKE, this is why the aftermarket earsn 12 BILLION A YEAR in revenue.

Ok if you want to do this, but then at least offer something yourselfs, like Mercedes or Porsche does. The American way was to let people modify things, and individualize there stuff, ITS WHAT WE DO!!!!!!!!!!

I am actually considering trading down on this truck for a 2010 or 2009, I bought this with the intentions of modification and personalization. I thought, what a great platform. And I just want what was promissed me at least, a real 390hp and 407ftlb truck, let me decide if I want to beat the crap out of it, and have it fall apart in 30,000 miles, or baby it, and make it last 250,000 miles! It should be this way. I feel like I have been stolen from, and now it may cost me $5000 or more to get an older vehicle, and loose out on this one, and I already put $5200 down on this one, and $2000 in mods!
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