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Hi Everyone. I just purchased a 2011 Laramie with the Alpine audio system. It seems to work fine except that there is a shrill sound coming from the front dash and center speakers mostly when streaming music from my phone. The sound seems to be in the range of frequency for things like snare drums .. higher frequencies. To be clear I dont like it but it is not so shrill that it hurts my ears or anything, but kind of like static....

While writing this, I realize that it is possible that the sound is emanating from other speakers in the rear and I just have not noticed.

I did try putting a JBL GX302 speaker in the center since it was cheap and easy, but that did not help and may have made it worse. I was just hoping that would be an easy fix. So, before I install to more in the corners of the dash I am doing some more research.

Any ideas or references to things I should read is greatly appreciated.
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