2011 Ram, 2/4 Mcgaughys economy, Srt 10 22's

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Mcgaughys economy 2/4 drop
Factory Reproductions chrome SRT10 22x10
Nitto 420s 305/45/22

Slight rub on the swaybar when turning full lock. I added a 1/4" spacer and now it barely rubs.

Truck rides slightly worse with the drop but certainly not bad at all. Just takes a little getting used to.

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Looks great! Love the wheels paired up with the drop!
That looks really good!!!
looks really nice.
That looks AWESOME!!!
Damn that's nice!
That's the look I am going for on mine. I want my wheels to be powder coated Satin black though. Very cool!
That is exactly what I want for mine. Exept I will be getting gunmetal SRT's...
It looks amazing. Keep us posted if you run into any other issue please.
I almost went with the gunmetal but decided i wanted a little more "bling" i said up top the only slight problem is the rubbing on the swaybar at full lock but it only touches the tire and the swaybar is just a round bar so i dont see it ever hurting the tire.
absolutley beautiful bud excellent job
Looks sick!!
Where did you get the SRTs and hids from?
Wheels are from Factory Reproductions. Hid's are from Retrosolutions. Thanks for the compliments guys!
That looks sweet. I need to stop looking at threads like this before I pull the trigger on a drop for my truck.

Looks real good, I woulda went with the gunmetal myself. To much bling for me.
Can't get over how clean it looks.
Very nice!

And don't worry about the rubbing, the only time it will happen is when parking anyway. I put big tires and a big sway bar on my old s10 and it did the same thing, and all that ever happened in about 100,000 miles was I got a polished spot on the sway bar. It didn't effect the tires at all.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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