2012 double din

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this has probly been beaten up pretty good. i want a dbl din like every other one on this site in my truck. my question is. is there any modifications that are required on the outside piece of the dash (the part you see). i know the the sub dash needs work. thanks
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I just went to my installer and he had the kit for our trucks, looks factory after he was done
awesome thanks alot

pic of double din nav install in my album and here
i got a kenwood double din in mine an all they had to put in a facia to cover to openings on the sides it looks really good tho
thanks for the info.
ok so i found the parts i am looking for from metra now does someone make a unit that i can still use the steering wheel and uconnect controls?
i know they make a harness for the steering wheel controls and as far as the uconnect i coukdnt tell ya
do you guys think it is possible to switch it for a factory radio?take the one that i have now and put in the better radio that ram makes
Yes, you can change it out to a better Chrysler radio and depending on if you are talking the RHB (which would be a PnP set up) or the 730N, you would need a mic kit for it because the Uconnect for the REQ, RES, RBZ & RHB radios are separate modules and the mic is wire to the module. On the 730N radio, Uconnect is built into the radio, so the mic needs to be wired to the radio.
You will want to make sure that the radio you buy is a high speed CAN BUS radio also.

do you guys think it is possible to switch it for a factory radio?take the one that i have now and put in the better radio that ram makes
ok i am just a hair confused
730N = mic kit
RHB my GIG = plug and play
I will try to explain it the best that i know how
The radios from Chrysler for your Ram are 1.5 or 1.7 DIN, it is an odd size
the SALES CODE can be found on the bottom, right lower face of the Radio, 3 letters

RHR 730N has navigation
RHB 430N has Navigation
non Nav radios are these may or may not come with all the modules needed for uconnect, ipods, microphone, etc
RBZ 430
REN 430
RES 130
This can be found at this website

The eBay seller in Florida i believe is an EXPORTER, he pulls the Made for North American radios out of the vehicles & installs MADE for European Radios in the vehicles going overseas... There is also a guy that does this same thing in New Jersey, he also sells on eBay
This is the Florida sellers regular site"2011+Dodge+Ram+1500+(NA)"&sort=3d

These are 2 of the places to find the things that MAY be needed for a complete install of any radio that you decide to go with, either stock or after market

I hope this helps somewhat
Good Luck
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ok i guess ill contact one of them thanks alot guys
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